5 Tips How to do well in the Examination - Helpful Tips

If you are going to face any examination in future in your school, college or University or if you are already giving any examination, this article is for you. Today I will tell you the most effective tips which will teach you how to do well in the examination.

Read this article from start to beginning and concentrate on my point. I can assure you that this article will help you a lot in your future exams or your current exams. For a student it is very necessary to know some tricks which will help you in your exam hall.

For a brilliant student or a first bencher it is compulsory to know all the tricks. Because all their guardians, teachers and well wishers have a lot of affection for them. All of them are very much curable for brilliant students. So, you all should follow these tips.

Top 5 Tips How to do well in the Examination

So, let me tell you the 5 tips which will help you to do well in the examination. Those 5 tips are,

  • Don’t wake up early on exam day
  • Do not apply oil on the head on the day of examination
  • Make a list of the things you need
  • Don’t read too much before the exam
  • Try to answer the easiest questions first

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1. Don’t wake up early on exam day

If you want to do well in the examination, you don’t have to wake up early on the exam day.  First, let me explain why you should not wake up early on the exam day. So, if you wake up early on the day of your exam it will disturb you in your exam hall.

You can feel asleep in your exam hall. It will harm you in your exam. Because a sleepy mind never can write perfectly in an exam. You have to keep your brain calm before the exam. To keep your brain calm you have to take proper sleep before the exam.

So, don’t rise early on the exam day. Take a proper sleep. I hope you understood why I told you not to wake up early on exam day.

2. Do not apply oil on the head on the day of examination

This one is a very important point for a student while he/she is giving any type of exam. Oil can help you to grow your hair and to keep your hair beautiful, shiny & dashing. But oil can affect you in your exam.

If you use oil regularly in your hair then you know that after applying it your head’s heat will be increased. Somehow your body or your head start to sweat. That is why I forbid you to apply oil on your head or any type of your body parts on the day of your exam.

Because a student is already nervous for his/her exam. If he/she applies oil on his/her head then his/her struggle will be increased. So stay away from applying oil on the exam day.

If it is possible then you also should take a bath before going to the exam hall. It will also help you to keep your mind and body fresh and calm.

3. Make a list of the things you need

This point is specially for the students who had a weak memory system. They forgot anything at any time. Also the brilliant students should make a list of their necessary things which they will take to the exam hall.

The necessary things are like, Admit card, Registration Card, Ruler, pen, Eraser, Pencil, Calculator, Geometry box, etc.

Before going to the exam hall you would check this list and find out whether those things are being taken or not. By doing this you will not be hesitant in the hall. I hope it will be helpful for you.

Tips : Make a list of the things you need in Exam
Tips : Make a list of the things you need in Exam

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4. Don’t read too much before the exam

Yes guys it is true, so don’t read too much before the exam. If you revise too much before the exam, you won’t be able to remember what you read. And you will forget what you are reading.

So please don’t read too many books before exam to retain your memory and remember what you read. Read whatever you have to read a few days before the exam. Don’t stress so much during exams.

This will reduce your reading pressure before the exam. And remember the few new things you read before the exam. And if you don’t skip reading and writing throughout the year, everything is already read.

This is the characteristic of good students. That’s why they get good results in exams. So guys I will also tell you to keep this point in your brain. It will help you to do well in the examination. 

5. Try to answer the easiest questions first

During the exam, many people get nervous and write wrong answers in the exam room. The only reason behind this is that we do not know how to write in the exam book.

It is also important to know how to write the answer in the exam book. Then know how you will answer the exam questions.

  • Read the question paper carefully after receiving it.
  • Then the questions which are common will be marked with a light pencil. Remember to mark in such a way that only you can understand. Because marking questions can cause problems for teachers.
  • It is good if margin is given, if not, the name, roll, class, section, margin will be fixed in the account before getting the question.
  • Never start writing with a new pen. Rub the new pen slightly before taking it to the exam room. So that the ink comes out easily.
  • Now you will start writing beautifully.
  • Write the answers to the common questions that you identified earlier. Do not forget to write the number of  the question before writing. 
  • After writing the answers to all the common questions, now write the answers to the difficult questions.

This is the way to answer in the examination hall.

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How can I do good in exams?

There is no substitute for studying regularly to do well in exams. Apart from this you should follow the above 5 tips. You can solve question banks and test papers to do well in exams. This will help to enhance your experience

How can I focus 100% on studying?

To focus 100% on studies there are few things to keep in mind. Identify the things that are distracting you from studying. Try to stay away from them. For example: excessive sports, wasting time on social media, addiction to playing video games etc.

How can I study smart?

If you want to study smartly, you need to complete your daily studies. First complete the daily lessons that your teacher gave you. Then you do additional studies. For example, you may read ahead of lessons that your teacher has not taught yet. This will put you ahead of all your classmates in your class. This is how you can study smart

How can I study 10x faster?

Whether you can study 10x faster depends on your personal attitude, brain and memory capacity. If you can memorize something easily then studying 10x faster is not a problem for you. But if your memory power is not that good then you will be better off doing normal studies

How can I memorize fast and not forget?

You can read and write your lessons for quick memorization. It will help you to make your lesson easier and it won’t take long to memorize. And if I talk about forgetting. Then you have to revise the lessons all the time. If you don’t revise you will forget them


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