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We are going to discuss about the Czech Republic Embassy in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a democratic country and well populated all over the world. Its also a developing country you can say.

Czech Republic has their embassy in Bangladesh. Its a good sign for Bangladeshi people that their government and Czech Republic’s government has a nice bond between them.

That’s why people of Bangladesh whoever wants to go Czech Republic for visit, study or work can easily get Visa from Czech Republic’s embassy in Bangladesh.

Location & Data about Czech Republic Embassy in Bangladesh

As we all know that there’s an embassy of Czech Republic in Bangladesh. The envoy of Czech Republic also live there. So, whoever wants to go Czech Republic Embassy for any kind of work or they just want to know about their embassy our content will be helpful for them.

The Czech Republic Embassy is located on “Monem Business District, Level-2, East Tower, 111 Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1205.” There is also a weekend of Friday. This means the embassy remain close on Friday.

Now, we should know about their time. When the embassy opens or closes. In the below table I will share their timing with. Please check this,

Saturday10AM – 06PM
Sunday10AM – 06PM
Monday10AM – 06PM
Tuesday10AM – 06PM
Wednesday10AM – 06PM
Thursday10AM – 06PM
FridayClosed (Weekend)

So these are the exact timing of their embassy. In Bangladesh, the weekend is counted on Friday. Because its a Muslim country and Friday is religious day for Muslims. So, the embassy also declared their weekend on Friday.

If you want to visit the Czech Republic embassy or want to go there for visa then please keep this timing in your mind. There is also a phone number of them. If you want you can contact them there.

Phone number of Czech Republic Embassy is 02-9632011

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Czech Republic History

Czech Republic Is an European Country. As an European country its visa is very much powerful and precious for any Bangladeshi. Also whoever wants to go Czech Republic for job or work they can go smoothly.

They can get a good salary there. Czech Republic is well developed country. They has a better economy. If anyone get visa of its then it will be a lucky charm for them.

Czech Republic is a member of United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), NATO and many others. Czech Republic joined EU on May 1st, 2004 & joined the UN on March 12th, 1999.

As I say its a well developed European country but it is very thought to get Citizenship in Czech Republic. Even they don’t give permanent residential to anyone easily.

If you want to get citizenship of Czech Republic then you should keep these words in mind. However, Czech Republic is such a beautiful country. Very close to nature. There is no pollution.

If we talk about the religions in Czech Republic there is 39.8% people are Atheist. Again, 39.2% people are Roman Catholic. That means there are a lot of people who don’t believe in any religion.

After them mostly people belongs to Roman Catholic Religion. 31% belongs to others religions or movement. Its their total population’s religion believes.

Czech Republic History
Czech Republic History

Cost of Czech Republic visa for Bangladeshi in 2024

As we all know that any Bangladeshi citizen can get a visa of Czech Republic. But there is some requirements to get a visa from Czech Republic Embassy in Bangladesh.

  • You have to a Bangladeshi citizen
  • You should have valid Bangladeshi passport
  • 2 copy picture of your current face
  • Reason to go Czech Republic
  • You return ticket reservation
  • A valid Email address etc.

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With all this requirement you have to go their embassy to get a visa. Otherwise you can also apply for a online visa from your home. Now, we talk about the cost.

We will discuss about a Schengen tourist visa cost. There is two types of tourist visa. one is called short-term visa which is for just 90 days. The other one is long-term visa which can be over 90 days.

Short-term visa cost

Firstly we will talk about the cost of short-term tourist visa for a single person.

Short-term visa – personCost in EuroCost in BDT
Between 6-12 years40€4800/-
Between 0-6 yearsFreeFree

Long-term visa cost

Obviously a long-term visa is more costlier than a short-term visa. Again you will get more than 90 days duration in this visa. That’s why it cost more.

Long-term visa – personCost in EuroCost in BDT
Between 6-12 years75€9000/-
Between 0-6 yearsFreeFree

Czech Republic currency to BDT

Czech Republic has its own currency which named “Czech Koruna.” Czech Koruna is more valuable and expensive than Bangladeshi Taka or BDT. However, 1 Czech Koruna is equal to 4.91 Bangladeshi Taka.

1 Kč =‎ 4.91

It means if you want to get 100 Czech Koruna then you have to pay 491 Taka in return. It a clear sign that Czech Republic is much expensive, developed and economical country than Bangladesh.

As an European country The “Euro Currency” is also valid in this country. if you have Euro then You can use here. Euro is much much expensive than both of Czech Koruna and Bangladeshi Taka.


How can I get Czech visa from Bangladesh?

To get Czech visa from Bangladesh you have to a Bangladeshi citizen, you should have valid Bangladeshi passport, 2 copy picture of your current face, Reason to go Czech Republic, You return ticket reservation, A valid Email address etc.

How to apply for a visa to Czech Republic?

You can apply for a visa to Czech Republic by going their embassy and contact their officials there. Even you can ask them their online visa application system to apply a visa from home.

How long does Czech visa take?

It up to you. If you fulfill their visa requirements then they will give you visa very soon. If you have some problems about your document then it can take a long time. Make sure to fulfill their all requirements.

How do I contact Czech Republic Embassy?

Czech Republic Embassy located on “Monem Business District, Level-2, East Tower, 111 Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1205.” There you can contact Czech Republic Embassy. Or you can call them. Their phone number is “02-9632011


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